In 1933, Paul took leave of the movement to marry Jeanne Partous, another pioneer and co-founder of the JOCF in the Brussels region.

Adieu to Paul 1934
Front: Jacques Meert, Cardijn, Paul Garcet, Fernand Tonnet

Together Paul and Jeanne had three children.

Paul & Jeanne with/avec
Monique, Pierre & Claire
Taken in 1943 shortly before his arrest

In 1935, he became administrative director of La Cité Chrétienne, a progressive Christian magazine while he also worked to develop a successor movement to the JOC, the Ligue des Travailleurs Chrétiens (LTC) or Christian Worker League.

Meanwhile, he continued to collaborate with Tonnet on the development of a network of former YCW leaders.

Sadly, much of this work was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II in September 1939.