Thursday 16 January 2020

This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Garcet

Portrait of  Paul Garcet
(Courtesy of Philippe Pierre Garcet)

Bottom L to R: Jacques Meert, Joseph Cardijn, Paul Garcet and Fernand Tonnet
(Courtesy of Monique Garcet)

Paul Garcet with his wife Jeanne (Partous) and their children
Monique, Pierre and Claire
Taken in 1943 just weeks or months before his arrest
(Photo courtesy of Monique Garcet)


Memorial Card

75th anniversary of the deaths of YCW co-founders, Paul Garcet and Fernand Tonnet

75ème anniversaire de la mort de co-fondateurs de la JOC, Paul Garcet et Fernand Tonnet

1945 - 2020

Paul Garcet † 23/01/1945

Fernand Tonnet † 2/02/1945

Background photo: Dachau Concentration Camp

Credit: Christian Hart / Public Domain Pictures / CC0